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Will Tippin  [Bradley Cooper] 

WHO HE IS Your basic hot, stubbly twentysomething journalist

RELATIONSHIP WITH SYDNEY We don't know exactly when they met, but they've been friends for years. He always had a major thing for her, and they even kissed once. Beyond that, his love has been unrequited. He's now dating his assistant at the newspaper.

WHAT HE KNOWS He has several pieces of the puzzle that would solve the mystery of who killed Sydney's fiancé Danny. He tracked down Eloise Kurtz, he has a tape on which someone says ''SD-6'' and a gunshot can just be made out, and he's communicating with someone who was bugging Eloise.

WHY HE'S IN DANGER Against Sydney's wishes, Will is still pursuing the story about Danny's death for the newspaper. If any truth about the murder gets out, Will's the next one to be offed.

- description from Entertainment Weekly

Alias: Will Tippin


ID-CLASS: USS-CA-2115866


Case File: Project Christmas Test Questions and possible overlap to Russian program.

Ahmad Kabir — makes his first oral presentation on this topic, recommending the CIA pursue his ex-wife for intel.

Project Helix — in the process, suspected as the second double from that program; seemingly extracted by Arvin Sloane's men, but provides assistance in leading Sydney to the intel that ultimately clears his name.

Date of Birth: 03/08/73

Place of Birth: Austin, TX, USA

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 175

Sex: M

Race: Caucasian

Languages: English, Spanish

Education: B.A. in Print Journalism

Experience: Recruited 11-2002

Personal Details: Dated Francie Calfo and (without his knowledge) her genetic double, Allison Georgia Doren.

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