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Alias: Sydney Bristow

ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300844
Call Signs: Freelancer, Mountaineer
Alias: Julia Thorne
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Characteristics: L/R Shoulders reverse-jointed, R01 Molar extraction, bullet wound to the left shoulder, severe interal bruising following fight with Allison Doren.
Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, and electromagnetic lock picking.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Uzbek, Urdu, and German.
Education: Masters in English Literature, graduated in February of 2003.
Experience: Recruited Fall of her 26th year, first generation (possible test subject) of Jack Bristow's, Project Christmas Program.

Father: Jack Bristow
Mother: Laura Bristow (aka Irina Derevko)
Half-sister: Nadia Santos
Aunts: Katya Derevko, Elena Derevko

History with SD-6 and the CIA:
Approached what she believed to be CIA in her freshman year in college and was recruited by Arvin Sloane. Learned about a terrorist organization called SD-6 and continued to work with the "CIA" for seven years before she learned the true nature of the organization and her father's involvement: They are a part of SD-6.

Went to the CIA and worked as a double agent to dismantle SD-6, a sub organization of The Alliance. Agent Michael Vaughn was assigned as her handler and with her father, and Agent Dixon, The Alliance was destroyed.

Was presumed dead by everyone close to her, following a fatal fight with Allison -- a spy from a terrorist organization called The Covenant. In her missing time, Sydney was abducted and tortured by members of The Covenant, made CIA contact when she escaped and continued to work deep under cover to protect her loved ones. She had her memory erased to bury information about Rambaldi's DNA.

She returned to find out that everyone has moved on, including Agent Michael Vaughn who married fellow agent, Lauren Reed. After The Covenant was brought down, Sydney Bristow was later recruited by APO.

Personal Details:
Fiancé Danny Hecht (deceased 2001), had relationship with Noah Hicks (deceased 2002), currently engaged to Michael Vaughn

Close friends: Francie Calfo (deceased, replaced by Covenant spy, Allison), Will Tippin (under Witness Protection Program)

Requested to investigate Michael Vaughn when he was under suspicion as a double agent; refused to make disk image of his hard drive based on her love for him.

Found her half-sister in a Chechnyan prison and now shares an apartment with her.

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