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Alias: Arvin Sloane

ID-CLASS: 30408-00811
Present Location: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 10/31/50
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Wife: Emily Sloane
Daughter: Nadia Santos
Mother's Maiden Name: Bishop

Training/Special Skills: World history, Linguistics
Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian
Education: Doctorate in Linguistics, m. Finance
Experience: Recruit, 01-25-69.

Personal Details:
Obsession with Milo Rambaldi motivated him to commit many terrorist acts over four decades. Beginning over 30 years earlier when he joined the Army Corps of Engineers, he started on a long journey to discover Rambaldi's endgame and fulfill his personal vision. He continued to collect Rambaldi artifacts, and justify his actions when he found out that he is part of Rambaldi's master plans.

Spouse, Emily Sloane deceased in 2002, alive in 2003, and once again deceased in 2003. Had an affair with Irina Derevko and a relationship with CIA psychiatrist Dr. Judy Barnett. Believes himself to be Sydney Bristow's real father. Former head of SD-6, he turned himself in to the CIA, providing information that was used to dismantle more than two dozen terrorist cells. He also claims to have given up his Rambaldi lust and fashioned himself a philanthropist and humanitarian through Omnifam, a world health organization. Found out that he had a child with Irina Derevko, named Nadia Santos, whom he used to locate a Rambaldi artifact. He later saved his daughter from The Covenant, and convinced her to join his newly formed APO unit in Los Angeles.

He is now heading APO under the suspicious and watchful eyes of the CIA, Marcus Dixon, Sydney and Jack Bristow.

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